[Spellyans] Rules for the apostrophe

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The o is raised to e by i-affection because the i itself was  
originally long.
When i is short it does not cause i-affection, but is itself lowered  
by a following -a.
This is why the Welsh for the river Severn is Hafren < Sabrina (with a  
short i).
Had the i been long, the name would appear as *Hefrin.
We see similar i-affection in Welsh Mehefin 'June', Cornish Metheven  
(BM 4303),
from a British form *medio-samino- (with long penultimate) 'middle  
summer month'.
Vendryes believes that Irish Meitheamh 'June', OIr mithem may itself  
have been
borrowed from Brythonic.

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