[Spellyans] Rules for the apostrophe

nicholas williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Wed May 19 17:17:31 BST 2010

Neither UC nor KK was accepted as the Single Written Form. Why?  
Because both were understood to be too imperfect.
The same will undoubtedly be true of SWF/M and SWF/T. For the time  
being the SWF must be supported, because it is so
much better (or at least, less bad) than the alternative. In the long  
term it will be replaced. Only a satisfactory orthography
will survive. If the history of the revival teaches anything it is  
that badly constructed orthographies do not survive—however
much support they may have.
I certainly support the SWF/T but I won't use it myself.


On 19 Me 2010, at 14:25, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> This will not succeed" really isn't good enough.  How do you know?   
> Do you have the crystal ball that I haven't?

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