[Spellyans] Rules for the apostrophe

Eddie Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
Wed May 19 19:24:45 BST 2010

I could say "Nonsense!" and "Bollocks!" to you, Craig, were it not for  
the wee fact that I happen to agree with you.

Moreover, it happens that tonight I'm feeling far too polite to  
indulge myself in dismissing your views with such condescending and  
patronising discourtesy.


On 19 Me 2010, at 19:11, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> This remains my concern, too, if I can only get people to listen,  
> and to see the big picture, instead of charging in to slap others  
> down and score points.  I'm beginning to wonder whether we have any  
> meaningful say in KS decision making, or whether the views of some  
> of us are considered at all.  I fear that some public relations  
> revisions, and a bit of respect, are also required if my support is  
> to continue.
> The flaws of KK were not the reason why it was not chosen: it was a  
> political decision and the Commissioners were quite clear on that in  
> their statement.  Eddie is right - it will again be politics, not  
> linguistic accuracy, that will take centre stage again in 2013.  The  
> latter will have rather more of a say than it did 2 years ago, but  
> we have to be aware of this.  Of course, the best and most  
> thoroughly researched form deserves to be the choice and the  
> future.  Sadly, the world seldom works that way.
> Craig

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