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Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Wed May 19 20:38:14 BST 2010

I'll try once more to get my point home.  Nicholas is almost certainly  
right about looking long-term rather than short term for KS in full.   
Too many people have been antagonised, in both directions, and,  
therefore KS won't be accepted until a new generation comes along.   
One that hasn't been involved in the last 25 shameful years of the  
language's history.  For good or ill, the future of the language  
depends upon the SWF.  Let's see what we can do to improve it and get  
as many of those proposals accepted as a foundation stone for KS in  
the future.

In the meantime, can we please cut out the: "Bollocks"; "Nonsense";  
"Have you got a crystal ball", etc.   None of us likes to be addressed  
in that fashion - we've had years of it from another faction - and  
I'll certainly stand for no more of it.  We all merit respect and  
courtesy, so let's start showing some.  Start by trying:  "On the  
other hand . . . ?", or "Have you considered . . . ?"  If that's too  
much for some, then I'm afraid that I'll be calling it a day.  The  
language has caused me enough damage over the years, and you don't  
expect ill-treatment from your own side.  There are more peaceful  

Come on, people - back to work.


On 19 Me 2010, at 20:20, nicholas williams wrote:

> Pshaw. No one is more snide than you, Eddie. I have asked you  
> privately before now not to be  quite so unpleasant.
> If I didn't think your opinion nonsense, I wouldn't disagree, would I?
> On 19 Me 2010, at 20:14, Eddie Climo wrote:
>> Nicholas, it is only 'nonsense' if you have the hubristic arrogance  
>> to believe that any opinion that dissents from your own is  
>> nonsensical. Do bear in mind that this is precisely the trap into  
>> which Ken George has fallen, and ask yourself if you're not in  
>> danger of becoming indistinguishable from that which you oppose.
>> I fear that this dismissive, condescending, discourteous attitude  
>> that both you and Michael evince towards divergent viewponts will  
>> doom KS in 2013, just as it did with SWF-1 a few years ago.
>> On 19 Me 2010, at 20:03, nicholas williams wrote:
>>> It is nonsense.
>>> On 19 Me 2010, at 19:07, Eddie Climo wrote:
>>>> On 19 Me 2010, at 19:01, nicholas williams wrote:
>>>>> Nonsense!
>>>> No, Nicholas, not 'nonsense'. You are, of course, perfectly free  
>>>> to disagree with my view, but that does not make it nonsense.
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