[Spellyans] Rules for the apostrophe

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Thu May 20 00:00:01 BST 2010

On 19 May 2010, at 19:58, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> My "laughable" comment was expressed about Point THREE, i.e. George's desire to impose Latin etymology onto Cornish, but at the same time reject any English influence on the language.  I still think that laughable, or perhaps cringeworthy.

Sure, but you'll appreciate that I was more interested in the explanation of the topic than in pointing out etymological folly.

> I expressed an amount of discomfort about Point Two.

Well, those are the two likely scenarios that I see for Nance ditching the letter i. I might be wrong and there was another reason. In any case he ditched it.

> However, thank you for the full explanation of the <i> and <y> subject.  I will read and inwardly digest.

Thanks. I appreciate that. 

In the end, it is my judgement that we will go in to 2013 with the four points 7a-7d. That is the only coherent system there is. The only reasonable option would be to abandon the use of initial i- entirely, but that, again in my judgement, is prejudicial against the stated aesthetic of RLC users. Since initial i- is widely attested (as Nicholas has shown) I find no real argument against it.

Whoops. Midnight. 

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