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Dear Jan,
I agree that KS could be more accomodating to Late Cornish speakers. I wouldn't have thought that the problems are necessarily insurmountable though. Could you list the problems for Late Cornish speakers as you see them?
Ol an gwella

Dr. Jon Mills, 
School of European Culture and Languages, 
University of Kent

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... Not only do we have differences in spelling but we also have differences in pronunciation (and grammar). So, as a Late Cornish speaker I frequently struggle to understand Unified and Kemmyn speakers. Nicholas Williams is very patient - he speaks ve-ry slow-ly to me! So, one orthography cannot suit both at the same time. The SWF has "umbrella graphs" - which I do not like. I have yet to be convinced that KS can address the problem.
Oll an gwella
Jan Lobb

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