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Grassys, Michael!

If a sound is used in the language but isn't a 'phoneme' what is it, then? 
The example that springs to mind is the interchangability ( I assume!) in 
Japansese of r and l sounds. I  must confess that thouugh I could understand 
the basic phonetics we got taught I used to find the phonemic stuff much 
more abstruse!!


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> On 27 May 2010, at 22:31, ewan wilson wrote:
>> Finally, a question for the technical linguistic experts- how does one 
>> establish which sounds are phonemes and which are not?!
> One way is through the identification of minimal pairs, like English 
> pit/bit, sit/zit, thigh/thy.
> For Cornish we also have Lhuyd's description.
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