[Spellyans] Blejyow or Flowrys?

Eddie Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
Sun May 30 19:43:33 BST 2010

On 30 Me 2010, at 18:12, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
> … I am happy to use <awan> or <ryver>; flowr> or <blejen>.  Their  
> existence in traditional Cornish is beyond doubt, and the choice  
> gives the advantage of allowing extensions of vocabulary, so useful  
> in written Cornish especially, where one doesn't want to keep using  
> one word where alternatives are available.

Unverhe yn tyen a wraf gans dha lavar skentyl, Craig. Hen yu gwyr styr  
an lavar 'Tota Cornicitas' y'm brus-vy: Kernewek oll a bup os,  
Kernewek Coth po K.Cres po K,Modern po K.Dasserghys kyn fo. (Gwell yu  
tewlel KK bys y'n deylek hep mar, hag ef hep bos moy es "skyl-Kornyk"  
devysys gans nep skyl-frattyer!)

Nicholas wrote:
> Because a word occurs in toponyms, it does not follow that it was a  
> living word in the Middle and Late language.

True, but irrelevant. We're trying to use Revived Cornish, not the  
language from 300 or 500 or 1,000 years ago. It's inevitable that RC  
will be a diachronic mixture of items from various periods. The most  
we can hope for is to choose to focus more on the MC or TC or LC period.

I notice in passing that NJAW (2006) offers the following entries in  
his UCR dictionary (I omit the plurals & diacritics):
	animal. best. myl eneval
	cloud. clowd, comolen. newlen
	face. fas. bejeth. vysach. gruef. enep
	flower. flowr. flowren. blejen. blejyowen
	joy. lowena. lowender. joy
	leg and thigh. gar, dual dewar
	nose. dewfryk. tron
	room. rom. stevel. chambour
	scovarn. dual dewscovarn, pl. scovarnow

Now, a mere 4 years later, he tells us that some of these words that  
he offered us then must now NOT BE USED! Well, pshaw! What might KS2  
look like in a further 4 years' time, if opinions are going to be as  
fleeting as this?!

No, I shall take the long view, I think, and stick to UC for a few  
decades more, until the dust has settled down a bit (or till I've done  
the dust-to-dust bit myself!). After all, UC has given the Revival  
some 90 years of sterling service and is still going strong ; and its  
founding fathers (and mothers!) have well-earned places of honour in  
the history of our language.

Ha ny yllyr leverel yndella rak an 'Jowannow noweth devedhys' a'n jeth  
hedhyu, a ny yllyr!

Eddie Foirbeis Climo
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"Kemer wyth na wreta gasa an forth coth rag an forth noweth."
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