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Nicholas Williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 10:12:53 GMT 2010

Michael has a point. There is no profit in writing things we know to
be wrong, e.g. ragdho, rygdhi, simply to appease Kemmyn users. They
will not thank us for it, and they are not prepared to compromise.

It is not true to say that it is necessary to use such erroneous forms
in order to get people talking to each other. The old division  KK
versus the rest has not become SWF/M versus SWF/T and the arguments
are the same, i.e. no rational argument from the SWF/M side, just what
they prefer through habit. So hw trumps wh, k, kw trump c,k, qw,, iw
and yw are different, and we must write lyver but niver, irrespective
of the practice of the scribes.

The quondam KK users do not understand the linguistic arguments. If
they had ever understood them, they would never have adopted KK in the
first place. Accepting ragdho, rygdhi merely perpetuates errors into
the next generation.

The time to rid the revival of George's errors is now—and that
includes -edh in words like gwiryoneth. Even the SWF accepts nowyth.
To write lewydh, for example, is therefore inconsistent.

KK did huge damage, not only by allowing an erroneous analysis of the
traditional language to infect the revival, but also by driving
objectors to it to appear spoilers.

I had an email from somebody recently asking me where he could find
copies of Bewnans Ke. Our editio princeps is now out of print.
My correspondent wrote:

"We have dipped into the Life of Ke, using an edition by some
individual called K George ... which, as you will know better than me,
has a very wooden and pompous manner. But Blackwells say that your
editio princeps is not now available."

The late Peter Pool called KG a "false prophet". Peter was right and
perpetuating any of George's countless mistakes—even in the interests
of peace and compromise—is foolish.


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