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Nicholas is unlikely to be asked to help with teaching in a Cornish  
school so he can afford to be picky.  Those of us living in Cornwall  
may well be asked to do so.  What should we do?  Refuse to co-operate,  
or work through SWF(m) in the early stage of learning with the hope  
that we get an opportunity to bring in a more traditional and  
authentic way of spelling Cornish when the children reach a later stage?

On 16 Du 2010, at 10:47, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> Dan says:
> "Condescension aside, I am at least working from within the process, I
> believe in this process, I believe it will do the SWF and the Cornish
> language movement as a whole a favour to agree to a Single Written
> Form and achieve something that we can all live with, so that Cornish
> language speakers in and outside of Cornwall can spend their energy on
> producing good Cornish in speech and writing without the dark shadow
> of the spelling wars looming over them."
> All power to your elbow, Dan. But please spare a thought for those
> people who cannot in conscience use the SWF either M or T. I cannot
> write <iw> in dyw, because I have read all the Cornish texts and know
> it doesn't occur anywhere. I cannot write chi, ki, bri because I know
> such forms are virtually unknown. I cannot write genev, orthiv, warnav
> because I know such forms are Lhuydian inventions based on Welsh and
> are unknown in traditional Cornish.
> So what am I supposed to do? Do you think I should write SWF/T — an
> orthography for Cornish devised by people who know Cornish less well
> than I and who for the most part don't understand the linguistic
> arguments and have never read the texts?
> I have no choice but to avoid the SWF. The SWF has two merits. 1. it
> is not as erroneous as KK (with its specious phonology—unused by
> anybody). 2. Since it is not KK, it has removed George's ability to
> dictate to the revival.
> It is far from perfect however, and where it is mistaken it does not
> resemble the texts. In this respect it differs notably from UC and
> UCR.
> Until the SWF is emended I won't use it.
> Finally I don't think the Cornish people should be compelled to "live
> with" an orthography that is neither traditional nor correct.
> Nicholas
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