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Hi Herbie, 

In my dictionary I give the following:


“brohan [ˈbrɔhən] m., gruel, victuals; brohan dowr [ˌbrɔhən dɔʊr] m., water gruel; {KK brywha; UCR brohan; C bruha (VC), breuha (Pr); cf. W brwchan}.”


Of, course there is no guarantee that this is the correct interpretation. In his edition of the VC José Calvete gives:


“913    victus              bruha              victuals 

Æl       victus              bígléofa 


This word was spelt "breuha" by Pryce in Late Cornish. Its etymology is obscure. It seems to be connected with Modern Welsh "brwchan" (thin flummery) from Middle Welsh "brwchan", "brychan" and to Old Irish "brothchán" (pottage) which has given Modern Irish "brachán" (porridge, stirabout), Gaelic "brochan" (gruel, porridge, pottage) and Manx "proghan" (pottage). The Kernewek Kemmyn word for "victuals" is "vytel".”





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I have seen 2 different translation for 'Bruha' in the VCorn - does anyone have a view on whether this is in fact 'to brew' or 'victuals' (i.e. 'bryhy' or 'vytel/bos'). Given that the Latin in the VCorn is 'victus', I'm leaning towards the second.





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