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On 8 Du 2010, at 11:55, Ken MacKinnon wrote:

> A Daniel ha gowetha-oll,
> Very pleased about that.  Cornish brohan for Gaelic brochan.
> 'Brochan lom, tana lom' is a very catchy and popular port-a-beul.   
> It could go very well into Cornish.

Ken whek,

I fancy most of those words have Cornish cognates. Although I won't  
vouch for the Cornish being idiomatic, a quick verbatim translation  
could give us:

G: 	Brochan lom, tana lom,
	brochan lom na sùghain

E.	Weak porridge, thin, weak,
	Weak porridge [made from] the sowans [an infusion of oat husks. Yum!]

K:	Brohan lym, tanow lym,
	Brohan lym an [sugan ?] [usyon ?]

K. 'Brohan' and 'tanow' seems to match the meanings of their G.  
cognates fairly well. K. 'lym' doesn't seem to carry the G. idea of  
weakness (although K. 'Jowan Lym' might do very well for the famous G.  
poet 'Iain Lom', who was renowned for his sharp tongue!).

As for G. 'sughan', the K. 'sugan' (cognate?) has the meaning juice,  
sap, essence. I'm not sure if Cornish haute cuisine ever boasted such  
delicacies as 'sowans'! Perhaps one would have to use K. 'usyon',  
(husks) instead, as both sound and meaning are close enough, and it  
fits the scansion.

MInd you, I've no idea how one might translate G. 'Port a Beul' (mouth  
music) into K.


Eddie Foirbeis Climo
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