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Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Sun Nov 14 16:47:18 GMT 2010

On 14 Nov 2010, at 16:32, nicholas williams wrote:

> The attested forms of the word degol 'festival, saint's day' are:
> dugol myhal 'Michaelmas' BM 2077
> dugol myhall 'Michaelmas' BM 2201
> Degl Stûl 'Epiphany'  AB: 57a
> Dedh goil and Degl 'holydays' AB: 59b.
> Why then does the SWF write dy'gol and why is there an apostrophe?

Clearly because of the "re-engineering" of Cornish which was done in the 1980s. "dy'" here represents "dydh". 

Since in the SWF one is free to use hyphens and apostrophes as one wishes, one might write dygol or dy gol.

I prefer degol.

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