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Absolutely not - I fully agree with you, Nicholas.  I have no idea  
where KG got that from.  His original dictionary gives a derivation  
from Brit. *wesanteno-;  notes that the word does not occur in Breton,  
and that the Welsh equivalent is gwanwyn.  This is one word I'm  
derogating on.  I spell this: gwaynten.

Th single place-name in which this word appears gives the following  

Tredygwaenton 1302; Tregwaynton 1317; Trethigawaynton 1319;  
Trenygwaynton 1324; Trewygwaynton 1325; Trenguenton 1371; Trewanton  
1549; Trengwaynton 1565; Tringawenton 1584; Trengwenton 1659;  
Trengwanton c.1660; Trengwainton 1808.  (tre + gwaynten with the  
intensive prefix dy-, ?"farm of everlasting springtime?" - this would  
be appropriate for the famous SE-facing and sheltered gardens now  
there, with their sub-tropical species).

-gwenton forms after 1584 are recorded by externally based map-makers,  
etc., not by local sources)


On 14 Du 2010, at 15:43, nicholas williams wrote:

> The SWF writes gwenton, which is based on KK gwenton.
> The attested forms are:
> guaintoin OCV
> Houl sooth, Tor lean, paravy an gwaynten Scawen MSS
> Guainten AB: 171a
> There is no justification for gwenton.
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