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The same element can be seen in the adverbial forms of other days: 

Dewsull blegyow 'Palm Sunday' PA 27a

kyns ys dumerher the nos 'before Wednesday evening' BM 2254

deyow hablys 'Maundy Thursday' PA 41c
duyow hamlos 'on Maundy Thursday' PC 654
deow habblys 'Maundy Thursday' SA 66
deyow 'on Thursday' BM 3159

hezyv sur yv dugwener  'Today indeed is Friday' BM 120
Du guener 'on Friday' BM 4316
du guener 'on Friday' BM 4318, 4321
du guener vetten 'on Friday morning' BM 4420

The form is always de or du/dew. *Dy is not attested.


On 2010 Du 15, at 02:13, Owen Cook wrote:

> And how interesting that BM has <u>... One might almost suggest
> ‘deugol’, to reflect the Middle and Late attestations.
> ~~Owen

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