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To be fair the word was UC gorthewer before it was KK gorthugher. There are also the attestations gurthuƿer (VC), gorthuer (RD), gorȝewar (BM), gurthvhar (BK), gvrthvherow (BK) next to Lhuyd’s variations on gẏdhiu̇har. I don’t doubt for a second that LC actually ended up with [ð], but maybe this was a phonetically conditioned development, even with dropped-r. Perhaps thi change is as old as the second hand of BM as the use of <ȝ> indicates, but BM is hardly consistent in this respect. 

What I find unsettling in the context of the discussion of where to write th and where dh, is that you base dh on Lhuyd here, but ignore him where he differs from your theory of final devoicing in unstressed syllables, though Lhuyd shows that words like guirionedh had final [ð]. There is also CW’s gwreanathe which can be interpreted as corroborating this final voiced [ð]. Why is Lhuyd cited in favour of linguistic accuracy versus the SWF in one case while his evidence is ignored where it doesn’t seem to fit your theory of final devoicing in unstressed syllables in another. I don’t quite understand this. 


Also, Michael asked me not to put my notes about ‘Skeul an Tavas’ on the corpus group (although he started a thread there for it) but post it to you, Ray and him privately, which I did, and now my notes are discussed here on a public forum. Please explain. I have no problem with it either way. My opinions and proofing notes are no secret, nor did I ever want them to be, but I’m puzzled nonetheless.




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So pandering to KK users is more important than accuracy. SWF? No thanks.


On 2010 Du 14, at 15:42, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

Yes, I know. I recommended <gordhuher> for the SWF, but was outvoted because of the brief to start with KK, and the UC form and for reasons of continuity.



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