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… which I took from English – Cornish Dictionary Gerlyver Sawsnek – Kernowek (Williams, 2nd ed. 2006): 

whans a omavônsyans (entry: ambition)

whans a wodhvos (entry: curiosity)

an whans a dhueth warnaf a vos dy (I felt the urge to go there)

whans a dyr (land-hunger)

yma whans dhym anodho (I greatly want it)

yma whans bras dhym a (I yearn for)


There is also:

whans dhe wandra (wanderlust)

yma dhym whans cusca (I am sleepy)


I was mistaken, because Nicholas lists yma (dhe~) whans a + noun/prepositional pronoun and yma (dhe~) whans + verbal noun.









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“Dan says:


the idiom is yma hwans dhymm a…




The texts indicate that the idiom is whans dhe:


Re wronte zeugh gras ha whans ze wolsowas y basconn PA 1ab

ze wherzyn nysteva whans PA 222b


Or whans with no preposition:


a'y frut dybry n'ym bes whans OM 171

y goulenwel yv ow whans PC 1092. 


Ray's: rag yth esa hwans dhymm mos dhe weles ow mamm seems perfectly good Cornish to me (apart from the orthography).





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