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Mon Nov 15 12:11:36 GMT 2010

On 15 Nov 2010, at 10:29, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> Let's get things in perspective.
> That the SWF defaults to KK was Trond's doing.  He caved in to pressure, and it went against the recommendations of the Commissioners.

In fairness, much of that pressure was temporal -- there had to be a result by a certain date or the CLP would have lost funding. That was outside of his control. Again, in fairness, I cannot see how a rational discussion of the treatment of unstressed vowels could possibly have been had successfully given the people who were on the AHG. They may all have been good Cornish speakers, but not one of them was a phonologist. The Kesva 

> The result - much as we don't like it - is that Dan is constrained to this ruling and specification in his work on the Glossary and his dictionary.  He has no choice in the matter.

He has the same choice that the rest of us do. I can't use the SWF as-is, because it is riddled with errors. I don't think it should be taught to learners. It isn't good enough.

Its faults can be fixed, however.

> The SWF cannot be changed until 2013 and I fully expect that Dan himself wishes he could introduce improvements.  This is no fault of Dan's and I'm concerned that things are getting a little too personal, when the process and those who ran it are to blame.

Which includes Agan Tavas, I guess, since it didn't threaten to walk if it were not allowed to choose its own representatives. We didn't call the Kesva's bluff.

>  The same thing also applies to Albert.  Don't shoot the messengers!

What about what I wrote below suggests this?

>> An orthography for Revived Cornish should be based on Cornish, not on a reconstructivist conlang of the mid-1980s.
>>> The forms with MS <u> probably represent dyw an older case (accusative?) of dydh ~ dedh. I think this has been discussed before, and I can’t remember who made the connection between du- and hedhyw. Was it Owen?
>> It was Andrew Trim, on 2008-11-12. :-)
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