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Mon Nov 15 12:28:44 GMT 2010

"Which includes Agan Tavas, I guess".  Ever read "How to make Friends  
and Influence People"?  I'm beginning to despair of this.


On 15 Du 2010, at 12:11, Michael Everson wrote:

> On 15 Nov 2010, at 10:29, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
>> Let's get things in perspective.
>> That the SWF defaults to KK was Trond's doing.  He caved in to  
>> pressure, and it went against the recommendations of the  
>> Commissioners.
> In fairness, much of that pressure was temporal -- there had to be a  
> result by a certain date or the CLP would have lost funding. That  
> was outside of his control. Again, in fairness, I cannot see how a  
> rational discussion of the treatment of unstressed vowels could  
> possibly have been had successfully given the people who were on the  
> AHG. They may all have been good Cornish speakers, but not one of  
> them was a phonologist. The Kesva
>> The result - much as we don't like it - is that Dan is constrained  
>> to this ruling and specification in his work on the Glossary and  
>> his dictionary.  He has no choice in the matter.
> He has the same choice that the rest of us do. I can't use the SWF  
> as-is, because it is riddled with errors. I don't think it should be  
> taught to learners. It isn't good enough.
> Its faults can be fixed, however.
>> The SWF cannot be changed until 2013 and I fully expect that Dan  
>> himself wishes he could introduce improvements.  This is no fault  
>> of Dan's and I'm concerned that things are getting a little too  
>> personal, when the process and those who ran it are to blame.
> Which includes Agan Tavas, I guess, since it didn't threaten to walk  
> if it were not allowed to choose its own representatives. We didn't  
> call the Kesva's bluff.
>> The same thing also applies to Albert.  Don't shoot the messengers!
> What about what I wrote below suggests this?
>>> An orthography for Revived Cornish should be based on Cornish, not  
>>> on a reconstructivist conlang of the mid-1980s.
>>>> The forms with MS <u> probably represent dyw an older case  
>>>> (accusative?) of dydh ~ dedh. I think this has been discussed  
>>>> before, and I can’t remember who made the connection between du-  
>>>> and hedhyw. Was it Owen?
>>> It was Andrew Trim, on 2008-11-12. :-)
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