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Nicholas Williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 10:47:38 GMT 2010

Dan says:

"Condescension aside, I am at least working from within the process, I
believe in this process, I believe it will do the SWF and the Cornish
language movement as a whole a favour to agree to a Single Written
Form and achieve something that we can all live with, so that Cornish
language speakers in and outside of Cornwall can spend their energy on
producing good Cornish in speech and writing without the dark shadow
of the spelling wars looming over them."

All power to your elbow, Dan. But please spare a thought for those
people who cannot in conscience use the SWF either M or T. I cannot
write <iw> in dyw, because I have read all the Cornish texts and know
it doesn't occur anywhere. I cannot write chi, ki, bri because I know
such forms are virtually unknown. I cannot write genev, orthiv, warnav
because I know such forms are Lhuydian inventions based on Welsh and
are unknown in traditional Cornish.

So what am I supposed to do? Do you think I should write SWF/T — an
orthography for Cornish devised by people who know Cornish less well
than I and who for the most part don't understand the linguistic
arguments and have never read the texts?

I have no choice but to avoid the SWF. The SWF has two merits. 1. it
is not as erroneous as KK (with its specious phonology—unused by
anybody). 2. Since it is not KK, it has removed George's ability to
dictate to the revival.

It is far from perfect however, and where it is mistaken it does not
resemble the texts. In this respect it differs notably from UC and

Until the SWF is emended I won't use it.

Finally I don't think the Cornish people should be compelled to "live
with" an orthography that is neither traditional nor correct.


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