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Even on the internet the Bewnans Ke official edition from Exeter University looks sumptuous; indeed so alluring I decided to order it up despite the rather punitive cost. Sadly I must have been just too late as I never got it and I think my local Waterstone's has given it up. 
I don't doubt a second edition would find a very ready market amingst Cornish enthusiasts and serious Celticists. Apart from anything else it'd be fascinating to discover how it found its way into the possession of the late Prof Caerwyn Williams of Aberystwyth and if he himself had done any work on it. I am amazed the Aberystwyth Institute for Higher Celtic Studies ( or whatever its exact title is)  has never properly developed any Cornish research or courses. It is bad enough to have the language frowned upon and disdained by old Anglo Saxon prejudice without being further oppressed by fellow Celts joining in the Cornish bashing!


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  Agreed; an excellent publication, and one I treasure. This valuable contribution to Celtic scholarship and to the Cornish Revival should not be allowed to languish out of print.

  But, please, please, please, offer paperback as an option next time, so that those who couldn't afford the 1st HB edn. can afford the 2nd PB revised one.

  I cannot —Gony, ellas, ogh ha tru!— recommend an even cheaper e-book edition, due to the (doubtless unfounded) suspicion of Inauthenticist plagiarists lurking in the shadows of the Revival.

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    Perhaps a second edition is called for if the Thomas and Williams Bewnans Ke is now out of print. I bought a copy when it first came out. It is a very fine scholarly edition and I would not hesitate in recommending it to any serious scholar of Cornish. I seem to remember some people saying that they found it prohibitively expensive. Perhaps a paperback edition is now called for.


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