[Spellyans] Broth and cabbage

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Wed Nov 17 12:13:32 GMT 2010

In KS we write cawl 'broth' [kaʊl] and caul 'cabbage' [kɔːl] because this is how we pronounce these words. These were UC cowl and cawl respectively. Lhuyd gives kaụl 241a and kowl 231c for 'broth' and kaụl 33a andkaol 45a. Kennedy writes cowl and caol. Gendall writes cawl "[kæul]" and caul "[kɐːl]". Since Revivalists distinguish the two words, and since George is doubtful of what to do ("Did the words for 'cabbage' and 'soup' fall together in Cornish? This is one of the vexing questions that cannot be answered without trad. native speakers. The problem may be avoided by using ongel for 'cabbage' and soubenn for 'soup'."), the SWF should not use KK's kowl and kowl for both. 

In the SWF, 'broth' should be spelt cawl [kaʊl], and 'cabbage', well, it should be spelt caul, but in the absence of an au graph it should remain cowl.

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