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On 18 Du 2010, at 06:24, Michael Everson wrote:

> On 18 Nov 2010, at 00:36, Daniel Prohaska wrote:
>> I see a diphthong in the latter’s attested forms…
> Good for you, Dan!
> On the other hand, in the Revived language, people like to  
> distinguish the two, and have done so for a very long time indeed.
> In KS we write cawl 'broth' [kaʊl] and caul 'cabbage' [kɔːl]  
> because this is how we pronounce these words.
> These were UC cowl 'broth' [kaʊl] and cawl 'cabbage' [kɔːl]  
> respectively.
> Lhuyd gives kaụl 241a and kowl 231c for 'broth'
> Lhuyd gives kaụl 33a and kaol 45a for 'cabbage'.
> Kennedy writes cowl and caol.
> Gendall writes cawl "[kæul]" and caul "[kɐːl]" (his transcriptions  
> answer to UC/UCR/KS [kaʊl] and [kɔːl]).
> Since Revivalists distinguish the two words,

We do indeed, and we are even more determined to distinguish the words  
for a causeway and a part of the female anatomy which in KK are the  

> and since George is doubtful of what to do ("Did the words for  
> 'cabbage' and 'soup' fall together in Cornish? This is one of the  
> vexing questions that cannot be answered without trad. native  
> speakers. The problem may be avoided by using ongel for 'cabbage'  
> and soubenn for 'soup'."), the SWF should not use KK's kowl and kowl  
> for both.
> In the SWF, 'broth' should be spelt cawl [kaʊl], and 'cabbage',  
> well, it should be spelt caul, but in the absence of an au graph it  
> should remain cowl.
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