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Lhuyd writes neuydh, nouydh when transcribing from MSS. What he actually heard appears in  JCH where he writes noueth §6 and an noueT (with a Greek tau, which means <th>) at §16. 

If he had written only neuydh, nowydh, Dan might have a point. Since he often writes nowydh but also noweth we have to ask ourselves why. Nowydh is by false analogy with Welsh. Noweth in JCH is what he heard.


On 2010 Du 18, at 09:13, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

> It’s a bit sad that I can only be seen as arguing from “our side of the fence” when I accept the dogma that that nowyth should be spelt with final <th> rather than <dh>, despite the fact that the one scholar who heard and recorded living traditional Cornish wrote nowydh, neụedh and neụydh.

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