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If you look at it from that perspective, then <dh> in general is just not Cornish and we’d have to write <th> everywhere, whether we actually said [ð] or [θ]. That also means that a learner of Cornish wouldn’t know when to pronounce [ð] and when [θ].




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“I except that there may not be many people who care as much as I do about how what I write in Cornish looks like on the page. 


 Interestingly, though if we refer to the first part of Bewnans Meriasek, where a yorgh is used to represent 'dh', (although sometimes 'th'), it is never used in final position.  Nance resisted using final 'dh' although I am sure that he would have been aware of all the arguments for its use.  Perhaps he drew the same conclusion as I do from Bewnans Meriasek i.e. final 'dh' is just not Cornish.


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>From the point of view of a user of UC and UCR I can understand why you would consider final <dh> ugly. UC always wrote <th> in final position and UCR accepted <dh> finally in stressed monosyllables only. So maybe this is more a question of what you are used to rather than a linguistic argument. Aesthetics are important because people identify with an orthography, but I think we have to compromise if we want to find an orthography that as many Revivalists as possible can identify with and this will include aesthetic and linguistic criteria; it will also entail a fair amount of compromise on both sides to find workable solutions that will make the/an SWF usable even when opinion concerning the phonological base differ.



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"From a user's point of view I consider final 'dh' to be simply ugly, therefore the more that this disfigurement of Cornish script can be avoided the better as far as I am concerned."


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