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“On 20 Nov 2010, at 11:38, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

>> “You may find that it is not very difficult to do, if you look at the evidence. Recently, Ken George has changed his mind about final "s" as [ts]. And didn't he abandon "tj" and "dj" early on? And isn't he now abandoning "s" and "j" for "zh"”


> Good on him for that!


You are not, I trust, agreeing with George that [ˈwɔʒə] should replace [ˈwɔzə] and [ˈwɔdʒə].”


No, I’m not. But I applaud him for being able to change his mind and develop a theory, and re-evaluate it again later etc. this is a natural educational process, it’s called “learning from one’s mistakes.” 




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