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>> “On has to interpret medieval texts and other texts with low or incipient standardization. Sometimes that interpretation takes into account more than just the marks on paper. Nicholas' point about "thv" and "thf" was well taken, and even if one finds a "thv" in a position where one might otherwise expect "thf", then statistics an help the interpretation."”


> You mean word count – I thought you weren’t in for that ;-)


That is a jab, Dan, ignoring the facts of what I said." 


But it’s what you frequently do. You give examples and stress how important the one deviation is when suits your theory, and stress how important the statistical evidence in another case is. You very selective with these things. Both thf and thv occur for the same sounds, be they voiced or not. That is the fact that remains without native speakers to tell us where the cluster was voiced and where it wasn’t.



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