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nicholas williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 15:28:01 GMT 2010

This is not the word dyweth 'end' but the word dywweyth 'twice', a wholly different word. You have made the same mistake again with  bɐz aviziyz δiueτ ken gueſgal enueτ.


On 2010 Du 21, at 15:14, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

>                           Pa'n dreu hedna? meδ Dzhûan. na meδ e vêſter rei δem; ha me a lavar δîz: Kemereu' δan meδ Dzhûan. Nenna meδ e veſter:Bedhez gueſgyz dhiueth, ken gueskal enueth, rag hedna yu an guelha point a skîans oll.

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