[Spellyans] the tone of debate here

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Sun Nov 21 19:45:02 GMT 2010

WHether you believe it or not, Eddie, Keith Bailey is a person. I have many times invited him to back up his claims with concrete examples which might prove his case. He has always chosen to fail to do so. But my view that his arguments (based as he says on the evidence) don't convince in the absence of evidence is perfectly correct.

If Dan makes similar claims and does not back them up (as Nicholas does) with reference to the texts, then Dan is doing the same sort of thing as Bailey. Pointing this out is not a polemic. It's suggesting that the same standard of academic proof that I have suggested Bailey should meet is the same standard of academic proof that Dan should meet. Nicholas has been meeting that standard for many years now. Indeed I suggest that he set the standard. 

This is not a "ploy". Nor is it polemics. It's asking Dan to prove his case, or try, with facts, not just argument.  

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