[Spellyans] iw

Owen Cook owen.e.cook at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 03:57:30 GMT 2010

On 20 November 2010 10:46, Daniel Prohaska <daniel at ryan-prohaska.com> wrote:

> There are many languages that orthographically show distinctions no longer
> made in speech, look at English <meet> ~ <meat>. This doesn’t mean they’re
> wrong…

No, but the disagreement is about <iw> as the specific solution for
this problem. You can live with it as a sort of modernization of <iụ>,
Nicholas and Michael can't.

Is there any practical reason to distinguish <ëw>/<ÿw> from <ew>? I
mean, does anybody pronounce words like <byw> with an [ɪw]-type
pronunciation ([iw], [ju]...) who would not do the same with words
like <tew> (the latter being a learner's error)?


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