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But Jackson relates the z < dh in Vannetais to the simplex dec lenited as zek. He says "So V. deuzek 'twelve', trizek 'thirteen', pearzek 'fourteen', pemzek 'fifteen' and huézek 'sixteen' are to be
explained as having been felt as deu zek etc." HPB page 663. This is quite different from Cornish where pymthek has th in the spoken language but dewdhek, tardhek/tredhek, peswardhek have [dh], as evidenced by the survivals in Mount's Bay.


On 2010 Du 22, at 09:18, Hewitt, Stephen wrote:

> Breton has both pewarzeg (ZH pevarzek) < pewarðeg, and pemzeg (ZH pemzek) < pemðeg, with no trace of *pemzheg (ZH *pemzhek) < *pemθeg which should have given */pemheg/ in Gwened. It looks as if Breton and, quite possibly, Cornish gave a different treatment to the word for “fifteen” from Welsh. Lhuyd’s pemdhak may well have been correct.
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