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> Please elaborate. Examples by native speakers? Transcribed when? By whom?

Nicholas had said:

> But Jenner in his collection of numerals from Mount's Bay 1875 (See Michael's edition of Jenner page 242) gives pempthak 'fifteen' from the Kelynacks and pemthack from Mrs Soady.

Jenner says:

> The names of our informants are as follows:
> 1. John Kelynack, of Newlyn, fisherman, and his wife, the latter of whom had learnt the words from her father, John Tremethack, who died in 1852, aged 87 (a contemporary, therefore, of Dolly Pentreath, who died in 1778).

John Tremethack was born in 1765

> 2. Mrs Soady, of Newlyn, a widow of past 80. She had also learnt of her father.

Mrs Soady was born c. 1795

> 3. Stephen Richards, of Newlyn, Captain in the merchant service, aged about 70.

> 4. Benjamin Victor, of Mousehole, fisherman, aged about 70.

Both born c. 1805

> 5. Mrs Tregarthen, of Newlyn, aged about 60.

Born c. 1815.

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