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Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Mon Nov 22 13:03:49 GMT 2010

Indeed, to give it all up would be rash, Dan, but I'm growing tired of  
the revival - since the 1980s - consisting so much of nasty remarks,  
put-downs, jibes, arrogance, ad-hominem attacks, etc., etc.  It seems  
that everyone (and I'm not guiltless) has been dragged into this so  
often over that period of time that we now consider it normal  
behaviour.  When it isn't.

Although I have been using SWF/T in a limited way, I feel far more  
comfortable using UCR, which I'm quite happy to continue doing,  
perhaps with Late variants.


On 22 Du 2010, at 12:46, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

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> “Gentlemen - the spikiness of this debate still concerns me, and  
> there are too many personal snipes being made.”
> I agree.
> “I've even heard it said that A hasn't written anything to back up  
> claims. Sorry - but that does not wash. I published what is still  
> the widest selling book ever written about the Cornish language -  
> more than 18,000 sold at last count. But I'm no expert. Far from it.  
> I'm an enthusiast and nothing more. In technical linguistic debates  
> that sales list counts for nothing. Is it really so hard for a few  
> on here to exercise a little more humility and a little more  
> courtesy?”
> I should think not. Thank you for reminding us.
> “Because I'm on the verge of giving the whole damn thing up.
> Craig”
> That would be rash, though I sympathise.
> Dan
> On 21 Du 2010, at 16:20, Michael Everson wrote:
> > I think this "in pausa" is a real lark. Unless it were to hold true
> > for other consonants, it's simply not plausible.
> >
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