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<vrink> indeed occurs and is given by Lhuyd in AB and is also cited by Pryce. I think initial <f> could generally remain as the exact mechanisms of LC for the initial voicing of /f/ are difficult to work out, whether they are general or through secondary lenition. 



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"Aha! Cool. I like that your suggestion inclues items like cafos and fenten. But does this mean that we would need initial <ff> as in Ffrynk? (Or does Vrynk occur too?)



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> Here are a few, so you can see what I mean…


> <ff> for [f]:

> diffen ~ deffen ‘ban’ (SWF difen; cf. deffen, deffan (CW));

> iffarn ~ effarn ‘hell’ (SWF yfarn; cf. yffarn (PA, OM), effarn (BK, CW),

> yffarne (TH), effarne (TH), iffarn (Keigwin, J.Boson), efferne (T.Boson);

> plurals in BK and CW always with <ff> );

> scriffa ~ screffa ‘write, writing’ (SWF scrifa; scrife (MC, PC), scriffa

> (TH), screffa (TH), scryfa (SA), skrepha (Lh))


> <f> for [f] or [v]:

> genef ‘with me’ (SWF genev; genef (numerous examples in the texts));

> ladhaf ‘I (shall) kill’ (SWF ladhav; lathaf (OM));

> cafus (~ cawas) ‘get, find’ (SWF cavos; caffos (MC), cafus (OM, TH, SA),

> cawys (RD), cawas (BM, W.Kerew), cavos (CW), kavas (Keigwin), cavaz

> (N.Boson), kaụaz (Lh));

> fenten ‘fountain’ (SWF fenten; fynten (PA), fenten (OM), ffyñtañ (BK),

> ventan (Lhuyd), venton (Pryce));


> <v> for [v]:

> davas ‘sheep’ (SWF davas; dauas (OM), davas (TH), davaz (Lh));

> lavar ‘phrase’ (SWF lavar; lauar (OM), lavar (BK, CW, Lhuyd));

> avoydya ~ voydya ‘avoid, withdraw’ (SWF avoydya; avoydya (TH), voydya (CW));

> Dan"


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