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“But these are different in origin and in Hiberno-English meat is still often [me:t].”


But according to Jackson in LHEB the diphthongs in liw and byw are different in origin as well. Jackson gives Brit. *līu̯o- (cf. B liv; W lliw, OI lí) and *biu̯os (cf. B bev, W byw, OI béo) respectively. In British there was a distinction of length which was replaced in Late British with an opposition of vocalic quality. 


“The objection to iw < iu is that it always represents the same sound as yw and is without warrant in the traditional language.”


What does <yw> mean here [iʊ] or [ɪʊ]? Both?


How do you explain 

Lhuyd <liụ> : <bêụ>


“<i> is sometimes used finally in words like iudi 'Judaea', victuri 'victory' and even in chi 'house' and whi 'ye, you'. <iw> is wholly unattested.”


<diweth> (TH 18a)


“If one respects the scribes one does not introduce alien graphs where they are not necessary.”


<diweth> (TH 18a)


“<iw> was first by George” 


<diweth> (TH 18a)


“in imitation of Breton and Welsh,”


<diweth> (TH 18a)


“because he mistakenly believed that Cornish /iw/ and /Iw/ were separate diphthongs.” 


They were, as we can see from the textual attestations, and, according to Jackson, in origin as well as in outcome.


Lhuyd <liụ> : <bêụ>


“The SWF and all other speakers (including George himself) pronounce the two identically.”


I say [lɪʊ] and [bɛʊ].


“What possible reason can there be for using both, when yw is both sufficient and traditional?



<diweth> (TH 18a) is also part of traditional Cornish. Lhuyd’s <iụ> is basically the same as <iw>, no different from his <δ> and our writing <dh>.

<yw> is sufficient if you spell <byw> as <bew>. 



“On 2010 Du 22, at 03:57, Owen Cook wrote:
English <meet> ~ <meat>. This doesn’t mean they’re wrong…”


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