[Spellyans] Final dh and ascetics

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As I mentioned previously, we do have <arlud> in BM. Perhaps this <d> was 
voiced. We were told today that yogh could stand for the d-sound (not sure 
how we know that.)  Perhaps the <d> in <arlud> could stand for the sound of 
yogh (whichever one that would have been.)  This would mean that all three 
of the quoted documents had yogh (or its equivalent) in word-final position. 
However, we can say that it was not the usual usage. As it was possible to 
write yogh in word-final position, there should be a reason why yogh was not 
used in word-final position on a regular basis. It could have just been 
scribes' preference but apparently three scribes had the same preference.


Andrew J. Trim

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On 22 Nov 2010, at 16:58, Ray Chubb wrote:

> Sorry Dan I forgot the Charter Fragment, it doesn't seem to occur in PA or 
> BM.

Yogh is found in word-final position in PA in "molloȝ" and in "ȝyȝ". It 
doesn't occur in final postion in BM.

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