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Tue Nov 23 11:01:24 GMT 2010

On 23 Nov 2010, at 09:20, j.mills at email.com wrote:

> Rightly or wrongly, I pronounce <yw> as [ɪw] and I pronounce <ew> as [ew].

We recommend pronouncing <yw> with the allophonic range [iʊ]~[ɪʊ] and <ew> with the allophonic range [eʊ]~[ɛʊ].

> I do not distinguish between [ɪw] and [iw] in my pronunciation.

And as far as anyone can tell neither does anyone else in the Revival. Indeed, at the AHG, the Kesva and Cowethas representatives allowed that they did not distinguish [ɪw] and [iw], but that "they aspired to". And this is why this "iw" was saddled upon the 

For our part, we recognized that "wh" was given as a "side form" for "hw" for our use, and we asked that "yw" be given as an authentic "side form" for "iw". This was not granted. Cue immediate derogation from an inauthentic SWF/T. 

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