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List all the examples from the texts and I will tell you.
In the meantime answer me this:

Is the word for 'flood' an yw word?
It appears as lew at TH 7.
Is lyw 'colour' an yw word?
It occurs as lew at CW  1051.
Is pyw 'who?' an yw word?
It occurs as pew at TH 7, 11, 28a, 36, 43a, BK 100, 209, CW  1462, etc., etc.
Is gwyw 'worthy' an yw word?
It occurs as guew at BK 204, 835, 1320, etc.

I really don't understand what is meant by your request.
I believe that Cornish (both Middle and Late) had <yw> [Iw] and <ew> (e.g. tew 'thick').
I also believe that the first of these was frequently written <ew> and in many cases <u>.
There was never in Middle or Late Cornish a threefold series /iw Iw ew/.
In consequence the spelling <iw> is as unnecessary as it is inauthentic.


On 2010 Du 23, at 16:38, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

> Please Nicholas, explain why lyw-words and byw/bew-words are different historically, have different LC reflexes and shouldn’t be distinguished (by whatever graphs)?

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