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> No, it means that one is considering orthographic solutions.


You don't seem to have a problem not distinguishing bÿs~bës words from words like bys or words like mes.”


I don’t find not distinguishing bys ~ bes ‘world’ from mes ‘open field’ problematic as old /ɪː/ and /eː/ coalesced in /eː/ anyway. 


“Or not distinguishing mes and mès for that matter.”


Stress and context can distinguish, though in this case I would find a distinction by diacritic useful, be it mês ‘open field’ v. mes ‘but’, or mes ‘open field’ v. mès ‘but’.  


“What is really surprising, though, is your surprise that we reject your claim that "iw"” 


Untrue. I am not surprised in the slightest. 


“is "traditional" on foot of a nonce-spelling in a word which isn't even part of the class of your words for which you want to find a solution.“ 


Also untrue. I never said I was talking about monosyllabic words. In fact TH’s <diweth> is exactly in the class of words I was talking about. I would spell it <diwedh> which happens to be the SWF spelling.




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