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Please, Dan, don't do this. What other people may or may not have said about Michael (or anybody)  is a diversion.
Let's stick to the argument. And the argument is about the SWF and how unnecessarily close it
is to the inauthentic aspects of KK.
The SWF allows for half-length. There was no half-length in Middle Cornish.
The SWF has the non-traditional graphs kw, hw and k before back vowels and consonants.
The SWF insists on "etymological" vowels in gaver, taves, melin, etc.
The SWF insists on the virtually unattested spelling <iw> (one known example in all the traditional Cornish corpus)
The SWF insists on chi, ki, ri, when such forms are very poorly attested.
The SWF insists on genev, warnav, orthiv when such forms are unattested outside Lhuyd's cymricised Cornish.
I could go on.
The SWF is unacceptable and will not survive in its present form—anymore than UC and KK survived.
I shall certainly do my best to get it emended.


On 2010 Du 25, at 17:24, Michael Everson wrote:

>>> That is not an insult. It’s a fact. Many people have complained about this time and time again. 

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