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> This verb seems to be only attested as a past-participle  "defashes" (Jordan 1611: 476). Should we not write the base form as difashe?

I don't think so. I'm in Korea and not in my library, but we write "nacyon" and "passyon" where "cy" and "ssy" indicate [sj] or [ʃ] and we permit either pronunciation. The texts did similarly, having "oblashyon" and "oblacon" and "oblashion" and "oblacion".

We write fâss because it's how [fæːs] is written in our orthography; deface could be written "dyfacya" or "dyfassya" in Standard Cornish. Writing "dyfacya, dyfacys" is closer to the English and French original (and hence to Traditional spelling) than "dyfassya" would be; compare again "nacyon" (not "nassyon") and "passyon" (not "pacyon").

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