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If we have a rule that [sj] may be pronounced [ʃ], does that apply to all Cornish words with [sj] or only those of Old Norman French etymology. This alternation of [sj] ~ [ʃ], appears to have already existed in Old Norman French before such words were borrowed into Cornish: for example, Old Norman French face, fache, fasse ('face', 'cheek'). Should the rule, for example, apply to syans, browsyon, devesyow, elsyon and cosyorgh?
Ol an gwella

Dr. Jon Mills, 
School of European Culture and Languages, 
University of Kent

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There is also the related word fashes in yth ew wondrys fashes CW 499.
This is the verbal adjective of facya seen in kyn facyen mur renothas PC 1680.
I think that we should spell these verbs defacya and facya but with a rule that cy [sj] may be pronounced sh.
Thus fashes and defashes can be understood as facyes and defacyes respectively.
The rule that [sj] > sh is also apparent in the word for 'past' which is variously spelt:
passyes, passys TH; passiez NBoson; passiez Lhuyd; passhes CW.

Compare also: oblashion CW 1086, 1187; oblashyon CW 1068; but oblacion TH 11; oblation TH 64 x 2; oblacon CW 1075 and 
domynashon 'domination' CW 56 but dampnasconn 'damnation' BM 1184; dampnacion TH passim; dampnassyon BK 3140. 


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This verb seems to be only attested as a past-participle  "defashes" (Jordan 1611: 476). Should we not write the base form as difashe?
Ol an gwella,

Dr. Jon Mills, 
School of European Culture and Languages, 
University of Kent
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