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Neither do I. I explained myself badly.
I meant that since in the SWF (with its ambiguous spelling) trist, Krist and kist were similarly spelt, they ought by rights be similarly pronounced.

Kyst in Cornish is from Borlase's kystven, which is probably from Welsh, itself borrowed from Latin.

The ordinary word for 'box' in the texts is box:

y box ryche leun a yly PA 35a
en box oll bezens gwerthys PA 36b
ow box mennaf the terry PC 485.

Box in Cornish also means 'box tree' (Buxus) and 'box round the ears, blow'.


On 2010 Hed 9, at 14:24, Michael Everson wrote:

> Since UC/UCR and RLC all have [kɪst], I don't see a reason to rhyme kyst and Crist.

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