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No, Dan. The passage reads:

lemyn dreheueugh an gist
yv gurys crous war duscoth cryst 

'Now lift the beam
that has been made a cross, upon the shoulders of Christ'

The word here is jyst 'joist, beam'.
The joist in question was grown from the pips put in Adam's mouth
and was used for Solomon's temple, but would not
to allow itself to be cut to the right size, so it became
a bridge over Cedron brook.
This is all part of the Legend of the Rood.

The word here is most certainly not kyst 'box'.

Notice incidentally yv gurys crous 'has been made/become a cross'.
Nance wrongly believed that mos ha bos, dos ha bos could mean
'become', though no such phrases are attested.

'Has become' in traditional Cornish is either yw gwrës or a veu.
I have written an article on this question for CS, and it will appear
in this year's number.


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