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Assuming that we would want them all to be the same, it would depend on what we want to do with other vn-, on-, un-, ùn-  words.
For KS, I think I would favour <ùngrassyes>. I don't have any scientific reason for my preference. I just find it more aesthetically pleasing than the other spellings. It would be good to have other people's opinions. I'm sure that there are several people who "listen in" but don't make their preferences known.

We should also ask why the BM scribe chose on- rather than un- or vn-. Maybe we'll never know. Maybe there is a clue to be found somewhere.


Andrew J. Trim

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The word is attested 11 times in BM, where it always has initial <on->. It appears as <vngrasshes> once in CW. 
Perhaps we ought to spell it <ongrassyùs>.

On 2010 Hed 10, at 10:05, Michael Everson wrote:

  ngrassyous (cf Nance delycyous and precyous). 


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