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The Welsh cognate has <cist>, which is also the spelling that Borlase used. Gendall has <kist> with a short vowel.



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Nance 1938 gives 'kyst' with a short vowel, and gives his source as Borlase, noting the Welsh cognate.


Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of Borlase to check Nance's source. Perhaps someone else on the list could do so.


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On 9 Hed 2010, at 13:31, nicholas williams wrote:

"Kist surely rhymes with Krist and trist and must be understood as long. The word kyst 'box' doesn't seem to be attested in the texts. There is a word <gyst> but that has initial [dZ] and means 'joist, beam'. KK had difficulty with this word and spelt it both <kist> and <kyst>."


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