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In the latest KK dictionary Afrika, Afrikan and Afrikanes are all written with <i> but the 
phonetic representations variously have [i] and [I]. 
What does the SWF do with these words?

How do we know that the simplex Afrika was not stressed on the penultimate?

The word is attested as aphrica TH 32 and Affrycans occurs at BK 2656.
In KS we would write these Afryca and Afrycans.

The plural Afrycans by the way is comparable with
romans TH 4a, 7a, 14, 14a, 25; Romans BK 236, 2808; Romans NBoson
Saxons TH 51; Saxens BK 3230.

Forms in -as like Romanas, Efesyanas (although I used them in my version of the NT) are without warrant in the texts.


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