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Eddie Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
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I note that German has 2 words for 'hour'"
—stunde (for a period of 60 minutes)
—ühr (for telling the time)

By contrast, French and Welsh have a single word for both of those  
uses, 'heure' and 'awr' respectively.

Nance (1938) gives:
owr. hour, in reckoning time
	• a-jy dhe owr. within an hour (CW 2389)
	• nep try owr. some three hours (RD 2555)
ür. hour, time
	• mar tuth an ur. if the (appointed) time has come (BM 746)
	• y'n ur-ma, now
	• y'n ur-na, then
	• nep ur. at any time
	• pup ur. always
	• py ur; p'ur. when
with the note: see 'owr', preferred in clock time

Eddie Climo
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On 12 Hed 2010, at 13:49, nicholas williams wrote:

> Eur seems to mean 'time, point in time'
> Our means 'hour, sixty minutes'
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