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Did you include Hilary Shaw's series Kernewek Lowen?  I have found this a
most helpful series in taking the Kesva exams up to Grade 3.


-        an ken ken




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You have one of the compilers of the glossary here. Why not just ask before
presuming to know how it was put together? And no, as explained before, we
weren't 'just using the KK dictionaries' - in fact I made extended use of
Nicholas' UCR dictionary, Gendall '07, Neil Kennedy's glossary and Nance
'38. I know Albert uses Nicholas' dictionary, too. I assume Laurence will
have used KK dictionaries, and Ben probably uses them all.

But using the dictionaries would only have been to check a few words. What
we ACTUALLY did, was collect the vocabulary from various beginners' Cornish
course books and put them in the glossary. Among them were Clappya Kernowek,
Skeul an Yeth, Skeul an Taves, Tavas a Ragadazow, KDL, Holyewgh an Lergh,
Kernewek Mar Plek, etc. I'm sure Albert has kept track of the books
referenced as they will eventually be listed in the front matter of the
publishable version. So this is vocabulary that is actually used for
teaching beginners - a sensible approach in my opinion. The glossary was
never intended as a comprehensive dictionary. 

Now. having said this, mistakes happen, and we did a lot of cross proofing
before we issued the first version of the glossary. After putting up the
first publicly viewable version on the internet, we got a lot of feedback
from various people, on the corpus group as well as from other parties. A
lot of this feedback has found, and continues to find, its way into the
glossary. So, I'm very grateful for Nicholas', and Ray's, Eddie's etc.,
comments, because they will only prompt us to check and re-check the
mentioned sections of the vocabulary, expand where necessary and reduce
where we've gone overboard. 

What we really don't need, Michael, is your dismissive remarks about how
we're 'just using the KK dictionaries' when you don't really know how we
went about putting the glossary together. As I said before, you have one of
the compilers here - all you need do is ask and I will do my best to answer
any question you may have to the best of my ability.



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"On 31 Jul 2011, at 09:22, Ray Chubb wrote:


> Much more important than the finer points of whether something was
unattested or not is the fact that 'gwruthyl/gruthyl' has been used in the
Glossary to mean create.  This is something I would never do in everyday
speech, (I would use 'formya' or 'creatya'), so it begs the question which
Cornish speakers are the compilers of the Glossary talking to?


Seems like they're not, but rather just using the KK dictionaries."



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