[Spellyans] "apple pie"

nicholas williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 14:56:57 IST 2011

Under Krampez 'A Pie' Borlase gives gil krampez l'avalou 'to make an apple pie'.
This unlikely to have come from Lhuyd who gives Krampothan, plural Krampedh 'A fritter,
a pan-cake' AB: 75bc.
Krampez with a final z is closer to CRAMPESSAN 'a pancake' in Pryce (ACB: M 1v).
It is likely, I think, that Borlase got the phrase from a traditional source.
Gwil crampes lavalow (avalow) then is the traditional way of saying 'to make an apple pie'.

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